Holiday Challenge: Week ONE



You might be asking yourself this question: How do I stand out from other Direct Selling companies, other jewelry lines, or the other designers in my town??? What can I do to STAND OUT from all the rest??

These questions are very valid and I am going to help you STAND OUT in ways YOUR customers, NEW customers, NEW hostesses, and NEW designers will WANT YOU to be their DESIGNER!!


It's so important to be approachable. When people meet you are you sending them a message that you are friendly and kind? Do you look people in the eye when they are talking to you? Acknowledge them and LISTEN to what they are saying to you. This step is so crucial in establishing New Customers and New Team Members! They need to TRUST you and WANT to work with YOU!


You won't STAND OUT if you are not reaching MORE people! In order to get your name out in your community...GO OUT into the Community!! Get involved! Join your Chamber of Commerce, Join a Meet Up , get involved with volunteering at schools, kids events, church groups, etc. You will GROW your business and GAIN credibility when you are building RELATIONSHIPS with those around you. When you gain that trust and rapport YOU WILL get more business!


Be creative when sending MAIL to customers and Team members!! You can find a TON of ideas on Pinterest....I am sharing some ideas and photos below! The main point of HAPPY MAIL is it's setting you APART from anyone else. Your customer and/or team member will REMEMBER you because of the HAPPY MAIL you sent them. Have fun with it and make it your own!

4. Share YOUR Story

Everyone has their own unique story. Share it!!! Share WHY Origami Owl is your business! Share YOUR locket! When you allow others to see WHY your business is important to you and how it has changed your life you WILL STAND OUT! People remember STORIES...


This topic is something anyone can do but, you should make sure you are doing it right and effectively!! You can be on all kinds of social media platforms...but, are you utilizing it for your business?? Are you sharing your business but, also ENGAGING with your FOLLOWERS? It's important to BRAND yourself. Find what makes you YOU and build on that. Your social media platforms should be an extension of who you ARE. Don't ONLY show your product and what you sell...make sure you are posting purposeful content that allows your followers to get to know you, TRUST you, and LIKE they will want to PURCHASE from you, HOST a party with you, OR JOIN your team!!


PICK UP THE PHONE!!! Follow up with customers, hostesses, potential designers! Thank them for supporting your business and/or joining your business. Let them know you are invested in them by reassuring them that YOU are THEIR designer who has their best interest at heart. When customers see you going above and beyond to make them HAPPY they will CHOOSE YOU to be their one and ONLY Designer! Give them a REASON to CHOOSE YOU!!!

Team Owlistas

You are receiving this Challenge because you fall somewhere on this team. I am the Director for Team Owlistas and I look forward to helping all of you achieve your GOALS!! :) As always, go to your mentor first, if you have questions. Allow her to help you...if she can't help then we will work together to find a solution.

Your Director,

Malinda Mitchell #3265