Symbolism For Walk Two Moons

By Grace Hinckley


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl named Sal, who drives with her grandparents toLewiston, Idaho to see her mother. On the way, Sal tells about her friend Phoebe and her story about her family.


Thruought the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses symbolism to add more depth to the story and express who the character feels.


Sharon Creech uses many symbols in her book Walk Two Moons, one of them is using hair to represent difference. The first time the symbol comes up is when Sal tells about how the other girls in her class have short hair and she is the only one with long hair. "Everyone kept touching my hair. 'Don't you ever cut it?' they said." (Creech 12) Later on the book, when Sal is explaining why her mother cut her hair her hair before she ran away, the symbol comes around again. "My mother's hair had been long and black, like mine but a week before she left she cut it. My father said to me,'Don't ever cut yours, Sal. Please don't cut yours."(Creech) Sal's mom cut her hair because she wanted to be different and get away from her family. Sharon Creech uses difference to express character's feelings.


Another one of the symbols that appears frequently throughout the book Walk Two Moons is the taste of Blackberries. Sharon Creech uses it to express love. Sal and her mother had a very close relationship and in Sal's journal she writes about her mother kissing a blackberry tree and how she looked so happy, "She took several quick steps up to the tree trunk of the maple tree, threw her arms around it, and kissed that tree soundly." (Creech 122) The tree was a blackberry tree and she had been happy because it she was eating the blackberries from it. Later on in the book, Sal and her friend Ben kiss. "Did it taste like blackberries to you?" said Ben (Creech 238). Sal and Ben's relationship gets more and more intense and at the end of the book Ben gives Sal a chicken as a present. "I leaned forward and another kiss happened, a spectacular kiss, a perfect kiss and ben said, 'Its name is Blackberry."' (Creech 255)
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