Mobile Apps For Learning

K-12 Learning

#1 - Brain Pop

Brain Pop is a intuitive app that can be used with a computer, smart phone and/or tablets. It is a free app that students can use for subjects like math, social studies, science, health, and engineering, to name a few. Its a fun interactive way for students to learn and stay engaged in the class.

How to use it the classroom

In a social studies class, students can explore a variety of topics from culture to world history. Once a student has chosen a topic, let say culture for example, he/she can then choose one of the many activities or videos available.

#2 - The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The Elements: A visual Exploration is an app that allows students to explore visually the elements of the periodic table. Compatible with phone or tablet with IOS 7, the app features animated images for chemistry students.
The Elements ebook for iPad

#3 - Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection is an app that is built for virtual frog dissection. Using phone and tablet, the app, with its 3D visuals, lets the biology students take step by step lessons, dissection processes, and quizzes.
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How to use in the classroom

If I were to teach a biology course, or any course pertaining a dissection, I would be able to not use real frogs, eliminating students from being to squeamish, and use the app for its step by step instruction. Or I could lead the students through particular activities and dissect virtually.

#4 - NASA app

Compatible with phone and tablet, the NASA app enables science students explore freely through space and astronomy. The app provides over thousands of images, great information and stories, as well as internet streamlining radio. It is great for kids of all learning styles.

#5 - Storykit

Storykit is a creative story book app that allows any English or creative writing students to develop their own stories by uploading photos, voice recordings, or own text. The app can be used with any IOS 3.0 or later, meaning any tablet or phone and does not cost anything.
Digtal Storytelling on an iPad using StoryKit

How to use it in the classroom

When teaching an english course, this app allows for creative writing with a hint of being able to add video or voice recording. It can be a great ice breaker for students to meet one another, or for the teacher to learn something about their students. I would allow students to upload some sort of image, either of themselves or something of importance to them, and share something interesting about that image. This can give the students a little bit of time be creative and lets me know something I didn't know about the student.