The Convention of 1818

Come to discuss boundaries, fishing, slaves, and more!

The Treaty of 1818

This treaty stated that the boundary between America and Canada was "along a line from the most northwestern point of Lake of the Woods along the 49th parallel of north latitude to the Stony Mountains (Rocky Mountains)." It also granted America the Red River Basin, a small area that is now known as Minnesota and North Dakota. The Treaty also states that The Oregon Territory is co-owned by both Britain and America. They were guaranteed free navigation without interference from the other country. This treaty clarified boundaries and continued to expand our country and our knowledge of the land. (Also, the fishing rights were clarified in Article I and in Article V, they had speculated over slaves. America believed that Britain had Americans captured.)

The Convention of 1818

Tuesday, Oct. 20th 1818 at 4:45pm



Come settle the Treaty of Ghent, as it was left imperfect, and settle the disputes that both of our countries are having!