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Summer Is Almost Here!

Summer is right around the corner and school is almost out. Are you ready for that???

Upcoming Schedule

Summer Camp Enrollment- Ongoing will be located at Merriam Park

May 7th- 1/2 day of school, care 12:30pm to 6pm

May 14th- End of the Year Party, 5:30pm to 7:00pm, Tomahawk Lunch Room

May 22nd- Last Day of School

May 26th to May 29th- Pre camp- Must sign up and pay extra for

June 1st- Indoor summer camps start

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End of the Year Party!

Our end of the year party will be on May 14th in the Tomahawk lunch room 5:30pm to 7:00pm. This is a family event so please join us with your family for dinner and some Bingo. I will be providing the main dish and there will be a sign-up sheet for side dishes. Your child can only attend if a parent or guardian is present. There will be a sign up sheet for attendence so that I know how much food to get. Join us and let's celebrate another year in the books.
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Summer Camp Enrollment started on February 23rd. The Tomahawk Elementary Indoor Summer Camp will be held at Merriam Park Elementary School, 6100 Mastin. Our group is scheduled to swim at Youngs Pool in Overland Park. Each camper will need a Pool pass for the summer. I will be in charge of the Tomahawk/Rushton camp this summer, so if you have questions please let me know. Please click the button below to enroll for summer camp. Please follow the instructions for summer indoor enrollment.



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Pre Camp Tuesday, May 26 - Friday, May 29

We will be offering care for the week inbetween school getting out and summer camp. Camps will be located at the schools below. Pick the days that you need and contact registration with the number associated with that day. Registration 913.831.3355

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Yes I am talking next fall already. Fall Registration will start on 4-13-15 online. Just remember we are only allowed 53 spots so do not wait, once we are full we are full.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Enrollment forms can be found at You will need to click on 2015-2016 OST Programs --> Shawnee Mission --> Registration Form. From here you may electronically fill out the form. You must PRINT, SIGN, SCAN, and EMAIL to .

Q: When do forms come available?
A: Monday, April 13th at noon

Q: Does my child get a spot automatically since we were in the program last year?
A: Unfortunately all students must reapply to get into the program each year. Just because you were in the program in years past, doesn't automatically give you a spot for the next year.

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Commit to Health, Better Snack Options, More Physical Activity

We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so you can expect to see our out of school time participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park and Association and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!
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Mileage Club

Our kids have been participating in a mileage club to promote daily excerise and fitness. The kids can earn a toe token to wear for every five miles that they walk. We are also keeping track of the total mileage that our group has walked and listing it on the board. We have put a map of the U.S. on the board as well to show how far we have walked. We are trying to make it to the west coast by the end of school.

So far our group has gone over 508 miles since we start at the begining of March

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Tomahawk Out of School Time


(Morning): 7:00 AM to 8:10 AM

(Afternoon): 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Tomahawk Staff

Michael Dunn (Program Director)

Taylor Stoetzer (Lead Teacher)

Madison Weaver (Lead Teacher, Morning Teacher)

Mason Jones (Lead Teacher)