Hayride, Dairy Tour & Crop Picking

at The Market at Del Val

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Take an educational tour through Delaware Valley College’s farm areas! See what’s growing while listening about how fruits and vegetables are grown, harvested and marketed, and why local farming is more important than ever! In addition, you will be guided through the farm animal section of the Del Val Campus. You will see horses, cows, pigs, sheep and other familiar farm animals while learning how these animals are an important aspect of agriculture. In this school tour, children and adults alike will learn the importance of local farming, food production and respect for nature. At the end of our tour, we will be able to pick a seasonal crop. Don’t forget to visit the Market store before you go home. It’s one of my favorite places to shop!

The Market at Del Val

Friday, May 26th, 10:45am-1pm

2100 Lower State Rd

Doylestown, PA

  • Cost: $8.00 - Free for anyone under 2

  • Please bring exact change to help us sign everyone in as quickly as possible

  • Meet at the picnic tables for sign-ins promptly at 10:45am! The hayride will leave right after sign-ins so don't be late or you'll miss it!

  • The outing will end at 1pm

Pupose of Outing: Educational and Social

Learning Objectives

· The students will learn the importance of local farming, food production and respect for nature.

· The students will tour the farm and learn about the importance of farm animals to agriculture.

· The students will See where the cows are milked, fed, and raised while learning all about the dairy industry

OLS Hours: 60 min of Science and 60 min of Language Arts

Reminders about all PA Virtual Outings

1: In consideration of our students with serious allergies, please refrain from bringing nut (food) products and balloons.

2: As always, to limit the spread of possible flu, please do not attend a PAVCS event if you have had a fever within 24 hours of the event.

3: For safety: All students need to be accompanied by a parent or learning coach. All students must wear shoes/sneakers for the entire school event and please refrain from bringing pets.

4: If there is a possibility of severe weather, please check Blackboard the day of the event in case the event is cancelled due to weather.

5: All PAVCS events are tobacco free. Please do not smoke near or around any children or the outing facility.