Reading Reflection

piecing it all together

Galavanting through Peel's Professional Library

After some deliberation, I was able to narrow down a topic for my independent research assignment. Amidst the day to day responsibilities and routines that come with the role of an educator (and simply trying to keep up with it all), I've often found myself pondering about ways to better my understanding of reading assessment. A resource I stumbled upon last year, but didn't have much time to delve into, is The Cafe Book. I'm excited to dive in and hope to find a practical guide on monitoring and setting goals in reading.

Tech Talk

I was thoroughly impressed with the technology workshop that took place in our class. It was specially helpful to have both iPads/iPods readily available to play around it after each mini-lesson. As a new teacher, I've been encouraged to set a goal for myself at the start of each teaching year (realistically, we just can't take on everything, every year!). My goal this upcoming year is to better implement the use of technology in my classroom (beyond simply using the smartboard). From this workshop I took away practical, and easy ways to use these devices in a grade 1 classroom. What great use of that $20 end-of-year iTunes G/C :) Super excited! PS- I created a professional twitter account & downloaded BlurIT (to conceal student identities) - can't wait to tweet from class this coming year!! #bandwagonner

APPs that excite me

Website Wizards

This was a GREAT assignment. It was useful to have shared an abundance of wonderful resources that each of us may have stumbled upon over the years. I found this youtube clip to have been especially catchy, I could only imagine how much fun, yet impactful it would be for young children beginning to develop phonetic awareness. #schooliscool

Letter M Song

Literature Share - Aha Moments!