D-West Library Report

December 2015


D-West Instruction

New Student Orientations: Provided orientation sessions for new DASD students

Research Paper, English 11: Libguide - 5 days of instruction on digital tools, all databases, books and e-books, note taking, setting up an outline-- Differentiated for various sections. Small group daily support for students who needed it.

Research Paper, English 12: Handout-- overview of library resources and passwords, individual conferencing with students.

Persuasive Speeches, English 9: Libguide, screencast on how to use Screencast-o-matic, presentation on using Power Point with sound, related handouts and full instruction on Easybib Pro, databases, books, e-books, research process, outlining, and developing a presentation. This year, we added the digital presentations to the final product!

History and Nature of Prejudice Project, English 10: Libguide, instruction on appropriate web resources and e-books. Individual support.

Africa Project, African-Asian Studies: Libguide, instruction on appropriate database resources. This project was done in conjunction with the Imagine Easy Scholar trial that we ran to investigate a possible replacement to Easybib, which will be "sunsetted" this upcoming fall.

Creative Writing Short Story Book Proposals: In a collaborative effort with the Creative Writing classes, we are developing the short story section of our collection. The students research and developed proposals for books to be added to our collection.

People of the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution Project: Libguide, instruction on appropriate and useful resources.

Observational and Experimental Studies Research Assignment, Prob/Stat: Libguide, instruction on conducting searches for and finding specific types of studies within our higher level databases.

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Collaboration, Professional Development, and Meetings

Collaboration with DASD Librarians

Collaborated with Mr. McCauley and worked with tech staff and Mrs. Yenser to implement a trial on Imagine Easy Scholar and evaluate the product. It was determined that Scholar does not fit our needs as a district and that we would look at another product, NoodleTools, later on in the second semester.

Also collaborated with Desiree Threadgill to continue to run our Santa's Letters program with Beaver Creek elementary.

Collaboration with West Teachers

Collaborated with Mrs. McMichael to develop a libguide and instruction for her Experimental and Observational studies class. I also met with Mr. Daulerio to hear and evaluate the Creative Writing students' proposals for the Short Story book collection.

Professional Development

  • Completed training for Keystone Proctors

Committees and Meetings

  • SAS Team meetings: Monday and Wednesdays, period 6
  • PAC Team meetings
  • Tech Innovator Drop in Support Session
  • Proctor, Keystone Tests

Events and Programming

Letters to Santa

25 students met in the library after school to answer letters from several classes of first graders from Beaver Creek elementary. This is one of our most popular programs-- the elementary students read a book with their librarian, Mrs. Threadgill, and as a culminating activity, they write their own "letter to santa," which is then answered by our eager "elves" here at West!

Book Club: Graphic Novels

Our book club met to discuss the two graphic novels we read: Anya's Ghost and This One Summer. 8 students met and we had both delicious brownies and really great conversation!

Writers' Club Starts

Our Writers' club started meeting in December (now that band is over!). They had two meetings so far. This year's president is Julia Otto, and the group seems off to a great start!

Holiday Decorating

The students made a book fireplace and decorated our holiday tree with student-made ornaments made from re-purposed books.

Art Instillations

In December, we had the honor of hosting two student art instillations:

  • Julia Otto, Snowflakes
  • Hanna Mangiovillano, art show

Maker Space

  • Snowflakes: The students made all sorts of snowflakes and decorated the library
  • Star Wars Origami: We used the book, Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away... by Chris Alexander to make all sorts of fun origami in celebration of the December release of the new Star Wars film.


  • College Alumni Visit
  • Faculty Holiday Luncheon
  • Keystone testing: Special Education Students and Extended Time


Parent Volunteer

  • Pia Disanto, every Tuesday AM

Student Volunteers

  • Anne-Laure Razat- pd 4
  • Alexa Zavitsanos- pd 4
  • Emily Dunn- pd 6
  • Kyra Lefkof- pd 6
  • Jayne Bentley- pd 2
  • Erin Malloy- pd 2
  • Emma Ward- pd 2
  • AJ Moreno- pd 2

Numbers and Statistics

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In the above graph, the bottom axis represents days in December, with each dot representing the next date. The right axis is numbers of students signed in.
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The above chart represents student sign-ins in December by period.

Circulation Statistics

  • Total circulations: 480 (November: 504 / October: 697)

Easy Bib Statistics


  • 108 projects created
  • 2081 unique visitors


  • 224 projects created
  • 1353 unique visitors

Gale Database Statistics **Note, there is an error in the User Reports. Under Construction**

October summary:

Sessions: 3,702

Searches: 9, 595

September summary:

Sessions: 506

Searches: 1,172

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Libguides Statistics

The below picture displays the top 10 libguides and their hits during the month of December.
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Library Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the library program in the Downingtown Area School District is to provide a dynamic learning environment that instills essential 21st century literacy skills through direct and collaborative instruction and the use of a wide variety of print and digital resources. Our goal is to ensure that students have the opportunity to become inquiring and engaged global citizens who are empowered to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.

Michelle Nass, Librarian, Downingtown West

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