Elasticity Essay

Write Experience

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Remember, your next essay on "Elasticity" is due Sunday, May 3rd via Write Experience. Make sure to take advantage of HCCAskonline and also have me take a look at your work before you make your third submission. Good essays require work and most of the heavy lifting is done in the revision stages. So don't be afraid to cut out sentences, rework paragraphs or add in new ones. Learning happens through writing. It's not just for the benefit of the audience.

Steps to Take

  1. Write your first submission
  2. Submit to AskOnline (make sure to include the writing prompt)
  3. Wait for the tutor's comments
  4. Revise your work based on feedback
  5. Submit second version to Write Experience
  6. Revise again to raise your grade
  7. Before sending your third submission, send it to me for a final review.
  8. Submit to Write Experience
  9. Done!

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Economics Professor

Houston Community College

832-257-2592 (Cell)