Barrie Central's e-book Library

Try it today!!

How do I access it?

  1. Start at the school homepage.
  2. Click on the library link, then click on the "Enjoy e-books" banner.
  3. Enter your school computer username (e.g., jane1234).
  4. Your password is your date of birth, entered like this: month/day/year. For example, if your birthday is June 21st, 2001, you would enter 6/21/2001. Make sure you include the "slash" marks, or it won't work.

Then start browsing our selection of books! When you find one you like, you can download it to your personal device. The lending period is 3 weeks.

You can download e-books and audiobooks anytime, from anywhere that has internet access!

Ask Ms. Lapenskie if you have questions or need help.

You can download the free Overdrive Media Console app:
Check the app store on whatever device you're using, click "Help" in Central's e-library or simply go to