Pilgrim Grade 2 ELA and MATH

2nd week in March...

From Mr. Yearick:

This week we discussed adjectives, and we talked about different ways we use them. We also looked at R-controlledvowels, and decided a country song was best for those kind of vowels. Click on the link below to hear our song about cowgirls and cowboys.


Next week we'll continue using adjectives and discuss the idea of setting in stories. We'll also investigate the tendency for some "ea" vowel combinations to sound like a short E.

From Miss H and Mr. Bollig:

Last week we reviewed two main skills:

1) Partial Sums Addition Algorithm

2) Renaming two digit numbers (for subtraction)

As children proceeded through the daily MATH PATH, they visited and reviewed many of the Unit 7 skills: graphs and interpreting data, addition and subtraction facts, and even sorting data to determine the "median." (middle number) There were also explorations in patterns, weight, and sharing money, and then there was IXL.

This week we will continue with a Unit 7 quiz and a new unit on fractions!