Lets go to Space!

Titan to Eris, a bold step into space

We're going to Titan, and then to the dwarf planet Eris on the Jebediah Express!

Titan, one of the many moons of our galaxy not ever visited by humans, is within our grasps. Our very luscious space ship with food to last a hundred years, and entertainment to last double that, will take you there and back. We have a great viewing port for viewing the only other object known to humans, other than earth, that has a stable source of surface water. Then we go to Eris...


Eris is a Dwarf planet, the largest known, in fact, and it is so far away! It is believed that it is one of the most furthest planets in the solar system! Come aboard the Jebediah Express to visit this lonely planet, and experience the most thrilling, and scientific trip you will ever make!

Saturn's Largest Moon Titan: A World Much Like Earth

The T.T.E Space Trip!

Saturday, June 13th 2065 at 5pm

The Space Station

-Bring a lot of clothes, will not be returning for 3 years.

-Bring friends, you could get lonely.

-Ensure your booking is complete, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our Space Ship, the Jebediah Express!

The Jebediah Express is the most luxurious space ship ever. With a modern cool look, and delicious food on order, all your needs are taken care of. We have movies on demand straight from Earth, swimming pools and many, many more things for your enjoyment and pleasure.



5:30-Lift off

9:00-Arrive in space

9:05- Relax



Repeat for a year until arrive at Titan

Enjoy Titan

Go to Eris

Come home

We are Jebediah and Co.

The best space travel agents around! We make your trip luscious and enjoyable, but most of all, we make your trip safe!