Webutuck High School

Tips for Preparing for Life

What Advice Would You Give Someone Beginning the College and Career Process?

The advice I would give someone is that starting the beginning of the college and career process is that you should learn to write a resume and an application. Another thing that you should make sure that you know what to do when it comes to a interview, for example you should dress appropriate and make sure that you know what to say to the interviewer.

Tips and Risks for Using Social Media

You must be careful while using the social media, and you should make sure that all the information on there is correct. Also you should make sure that you don't have pictures on your social media sites that you don't want colleges to see. Another thing is that you should make sure that the comments you make on those sites don't go against other people and aren't mean.

Workplace Etiquette and Getting Along With CoWorkers

In the workplace you must be professional, also when dealing with coworkers you must be respectful and you have to be nice to them, even if you do not get along with them.

WorkPlace Dress Code

The dress code matters on the profession you are in, for example if you work in a business workplace that you should probably dress in a suit and tie, if you are a teacher you should have a dress shirt or dress professional, but if you are like a life guard you can dress in shorts and a tang top. The dress code matters with what profession you are in.

College Process

The college process is a lot of work. You have to first search for the colleges that you would like to apply too, than you must ask teachers for recommendation letters, than you have to write your college essay, than after that you must apply to the colleges and you have to make sure you have taken the SATs already, and send them your SAT scores if required and than you wait for the reply from each college. Once finishing your applications you should sign up for the FAFSA to see how much money you will get in finical aid, and you should also apply for scholarships and loans.

Career Research

The career research first starts with what you are interested in. Than you should figure out where the companies are that have what you are interested in, and than you must write a resume and a application. Than you will have an interview and you should dress appropriate and you must practice the interview questions. You should also make sure that you know where the place is that you are writing and application for, and you shouldn't bring your children along with you. You have to be professional at the interview.

"Never Say Never, Because Limits, Like Fears, Are Often Just an Illusion." -Michael Jordan