Mrs. Whitener's Wise Owls

Weekly Newsletter Feb. 15th-19th

The Valentine's Party was a success! Thank you to all the parents that brought food and came and helped out. We really enjoyed your company.

Classroom News

- Remember no school Monday 2/15.

- The Finial payment for St. Augustine is this Friday 2/19.

- Because of MAP testing last week, I decided to not test reading this past week. We will test on Compare/Contrast and Sequencing this Friday 2/19. To enforce this skill at home please have your child compare and contrast things at home. Also have them practice sequencing, by asking them what they did that day at school, but have them tell you in the order that they happened. :)

-The Topic 15 Math test will be Thursday 2/18. Help your student study by going over their review packet with them.

-The Unit 6 Science test will be Friday 2/19. Help your student study by rereading the two lessons with them, and completing the review with them on Thursday.

- On Thursday night, please help your child study for Spelling and Vocabulary test. Their spelling words should be in their planner and their vocabulary words should be in their take home folder. :)

- Based off the MAP math data, my students across the board are having trouble with multiplication and division. So starting next week, I will be giving an extra math worksheet either a multiplication or division sheet. I have talked with the students, and they ALL agreed that they need more practice with these skills. Every Friday I will give a quiz on multiplication or division. As the quiz scores improve the extra practice will go away. I have given less and less homework each week, since Christmas break, but I do believe this extra practice will help ALL the students improve in this area.

- For daily homework, please check my website, the link is below.

- Please remind your students to use their time wisely everyday. The talking during inappropriate times is a problem, please discuss this with them.

-Please check your student for a belt EVERYDAY. Lately more and more students are forgetting their belts.

What we are learning this week!

LA: Compare/Contrast and Similarities/ Differences and Sequencing (TEST Friday)

Writing: Explanatory with the test structure compare/contrast

Math: Topic 15- Solving Measurement and Data Problems (TEST Thursday)

Science: Unit 6- Energy and its Uses (TEST Friday)

This week at NBHE!

Saturday 2-13-16

-Elementary Basketball Academy 8-1

-Odyssey of the Mind Team in Crestview

Monday 2-15-16

-Happy President's Day No School

Tuesday 2-16-16

-PTSP Meeting 5:30 (2nd Grade) at High School

Friday 2-19-16

-Spirit Day

Classroom Needs