Trust and Loyalties


The book that I read was Lethal by Sandra Brown, and the lesson that I learned from reading this novel was that trust can be twisted and loyalties can change. At the beginning of the book Honor is loyal to Doral and Fred Hawkins and she trusts them to be on the right side of the law when a "fugitive" shows up at her house she is terrified when she realizes who he is "You're...You're the man who shot all those people last night" (Brown 11). She also finds out that her longtime friends Fred and Doral Hawkins can't be trusted and that Coburn the alleged mass murder is a federal agent "He jerked his head back just in the nick of time. ‘I’m a federal agent'" (Brown 127)! She also finds out that her longtime friend was going to kill her and the Hawkins brothers were the mass murders "He was the shooter at the warehouse. Hi and his twin. Got it? He was the bad guy not me" (Brown 128). This connects personally to my life, not in this instance necessarily, but nonetheless I have had friends that have gone behind my back and betrayed my trust and I no longer trust that person. I've had times where my loyalties to people have changed along with my trust.

I Have Learned...

To go along with my life lesson I have chosen a poem. The poem is called "I Have Learned..." by Courtney The lesson remains the same that trust can be twisted and loyalties can be changed and this is evident in my poem because the author states that "trust is a powerful thing... it can sting your heart" (Courtney 2, 4). This shows that trust can be twisted and hurt you. The poem also states trust can "tear apart your soul or it can warm your heart" (Courtney 5-6) this further emphasizes that trust can be changed quickly with only a single action. Loyalties can be changed due to lust because you could instead of trusting someone you could end up lusting after them "That trust means to lust and lust is a must sometimes it can be an illusion but it is something you cannot deny" (Courtney 17-20)


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