OPA Top 10

Back to School 2015-2016

August Upcoming Events

  • 6th: Registration 5-9 grade 12 to 7 pm
  • 10th: Teacher Training Week
  • 14th: Back to School Night (K-9) 4 to 6 pm
  • 17th: First Day of School
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Top 10 at OPA

1. Calendar, School Hours, After School Activities:

Calendar: The Calendar for the 2015-2015 School year is posted on the website, and you will notice 4 parent teacher conferences. The first for secondary (7-9), in September and the second for elementary (K-6) in October. Again in February for secondary (7-9), and March for elementary (K-6). This is designed to provide more Professional Development days for teachers, and allow families with students at each building to give more time to each teacher.

School Hours: 8:05 to 3 pm. The school opens at 7:30 and closes at 3:30 for all students not involved in after school programs.

After-School Activities: Ogden YMCA had started the process of partnering with OPA for after school activities for next year. However, they did not receive the desired funding to complete the partnership. At this time, after school clubs and programs will be offered as they have at OPA in the past. YMCA, is still going to partner with us but we are unsure about how much impact this pairing will have on our after school programs.

2. What teacher do I have?

  • On a sticker attached to the K-4 supply list is the name of your teacher for the 2015-2016 school year
  • Fifth-Ninth grade students will get schedules at registration on August 6th 12 to 7 pm.

3. What supplies do I need?

Also in this letter is a copy of all the supply lists, we have streamlined the amount of supplies to reduce costs for our families (Supply lists were mailed home with this flyer information)

4. Uniform Guidelines (Secondary PE Uniforms)

OPA is a uniform school and students are required to be dressed each day in uniform. Navy, white, and light blue collared polo shirts or button up shirts with collars, tan/khaki or navy shorts, skorts, skirts, pants. No crazy socks, or distracting shoes, no hooded sweatshirts, or Jeggings. Jeans (denim fabric of any color) are not part of the uniform. Also colorful hair choices of summer that are distracting for school need to be returned to natural hair colors.

7-9 Uniforms are required for P.E. and can be purchased at the front desk of the secondary building.

5. Leader in Me

Data Notebooks: All students will be provided with a "Data Notebook" as part of the Leader in Me. Students in K-6, will be setting and tracking goals both personal and academic. Then students will use their notebooks to lead their own parent-teacher conferences.

School-wide Goals: As a school (K-6) we will be striving to 1) return all homework assigned on time, and 2) Increase daily reading minutes. Each classroom teacher will explain these school-wide goals upon return to school.

Student Leadership: OPA will have two Eagle Teams again this year that will plan and lead activities such as assemblies, social action projects, and awards systems.

  • At the elementary students will be asked to "apply" by writing a letter describing how they use one of the 7 habits, and why they should be on the Eagle Team. each classroom (homeroom) will select the first eagle. Each quarter a new Eagle will be added from each classroom.
  • In the secondary, we have added a Leadership course taught by Stephanie Mathers that is designed to build a leadership team that helps students to plan and drive school activities.

6. Registration, Immunization, and Back to School Night

Registration: for 5-9 is August 6th from 12pm-7pm. Pictures will be taken for ID cards, volunteer sign-up, locker location and practice, schedule change sign-ups, fee payments, and PE Uniform purchase will be available.

Immunization: The state of Utah requires that every student grade have current immunizations record turned in before starting classes. Please make sure your student's records are up to date before school starts.

Back to School Night (K-6)

Back to School Night has been moved to Friday August 14th, 4 to 6 pm. Come meet your teacher, update contact information, get a locker (if needed), pay fees, etc. OPAPO will provide a uniform exchange and volunteer sign-up opportunities.

7. Aspire: Grades, attendance, registration, lunch money, contact information

We are moving from the Powerschool management system to Aspire, the state funded system. Attached to this letter are directions and information about how you can set up a parent account to see your students' data, update your contact information, register, pay lunch money, etc. (flyer was mailed out to parents)

8. Communication Tools: (Website, sport site, FB, One Call, Email, Sign)

Information on the school's activities can be found in a variety of places. Please follow the school's Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ogdenpreparatoryacademy. The school's Facebook page has the latest updates of school activities and events with pictures and other announcements. The sports and activities website: www.opaeagles.org has the latest news, results, pictures, stats, and schedules of the OPA athletic teams and clubs. Also, please check out the school's sign, on the east side of the elementary gym, for important school news.

The One Call system allows the school to call or send a text message immediately to your phone. If you have not yet signed up for this service, please do so at the front office during registration or back to school night. If you are already signed up, please verify your contact information is current and up to date.

9. OPAPO, Parent Volunteering and OPA Cultural Committee

OPAPO (Ogden Preparatory Academy Parent Organization)

This group of parents works together throughout the school year to plan events for the families at OPA. They also raise money to help support teachers and various programs at our school. They meet on the first Tuesday of every month in the Elementary Library. If you wish to be a part of this organization, please stop by the office, and talk with Valerie Sluis.

Parent Volunteering: At Ogden Preparatory Academy, we love parent involvement. We encourage each of our families to volunteer a total of 30 hours. Please talk with your child's teacher about possible volunteering opportunities in the classroom. For other opportunities please contact Valerie Sluis vsluis@ogdenprep.org. She is the volunteer coordinator and also works in the office at the Elementary School.

NEW THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!! Cultural Event Committee At Ogden Preparatory Academy many of our families come from countries and cultures outside of the United States. We want these students and families to be proud of the heritage and at OPA we want to celebrate this diversity. A new part time position was added to our staff this year. Mrs. Angela Lopez will serve as chair of the "Cultural Committee" and work with other committee members to promote and organize activities and events to celebrate the different ethnic backgrounds in our school. If you would like to serve on this committee please contact Mrs. Lopez, Luis Lopez (a new OPA board member), or Mr. Rempfer in the school office.

10. Parking Lot Guidelines

As you know, OPA is a drop-off, pick-up school. It can be chaotic and dangerous to pic up if we don't all do our part to follow parking lot procedures. I would encourage parents to consider some of the following procedures and recommendations:

  • A desginated pick-up area for entire families or carpools that are communicated to each student's teacher and is the same all year long.
  • If you choose to park and walk to the building park in the center of the lot, USE THE CROSSWALK, and designate a meeting place and never ask your kids to dart out into traffic.
  • If you are staying in the car to pick up your kids, be patient, pull forward, please avoid cell phone use, and darting in and out of the pick-up lane is prohibited.
  • On inclement weather days be prepared to come into the building to pick-up students. One-call warning will be sent 30 minutes before the end of school.
  • If you sent a "substitute" to pick up kids, please communicate parking lot procedures completely.
  • Finally, the school opens at 7:30 am and the school closes at 4 pm, all students not participating in a club or after school program will have to leave the building at 4 pm and wait outside for pick up.