Social Groups

The Postwar Boom


During the 19th century, many Mexicans became US citizens. This was because the US had annexed the southwest after the War with Mexico. In 1942, US allowed Mexicans to enter the US to work as braceros, or hired hands that harvested crops. When their employment stopped, thousands of Mexicans remained in the country illegally to escape poor economic conditions in their own country. Many more started to cross the border without any permission at all. This is significant in this 21st century because they continue to enter our country illegally. These first illegal immigrants spurred many years to come of US jobs being taken by people who weren't supposed to be here in the first place.

African Americans

African Americans inspired the birth of many music genres in the 1950’s. They had started jazz and some rock'n'roll. In the 1950’s though, African Americans were still discriminated by whites. Black shows were broadcasted on separate stations at about 250 in 1954. These stations were targeted specific audiences for listeners. At the end of the 1950’s, blacks were still largely segregated from the dominant culture.