Utterly Ridiculous



Cows are being genetically inhanced with recombinant DNA, in order to maximize economic benefits in the cow selling industry. This includes beefing them up and also modifying the milk they produce. In 1997, the gene myostatin was discovered on chromosome 2.


The myostatin gene regulates muscle mass, also known as growth differentiation factor 8 (GDF-8). A deletion of the myostatin gene causes an increase in muscle mass. Knock out cattle are treated with follistatin, which blocks the binding of the gene to it's receptor. Then causing the muscle cells in cows to multiply instead of enlarging. By observing the cows phenotype you could clearly see the effect it has on their bodies. They are not breeding more generations after the first GMO was made, they are changing the DNA when they are calves.

Current Status

Altering the cattles' DNA has been successful in making milk that helps individuals that are lactose intolerant, digest milk. Enhancing the muscles of the cows has also produced more meat when they are ready to slaughter them.

-the economic boost in the cow industry

-more meat when ready to slaughter and sell

-special milk is made


-it is dangerous and uncomfortable for the cattle

-some companies have refused to use meat or milk that is from genetically engineered cows

-the natural process of reproduction is disrupted