The 34th President of the United States



  • Republican
  • Nixon was running mate
  • Eisenhower considered dropping him, but his emotional Checker Speech saved him
  • Part of NATO in 1950 and 1952
  • Adlai E . Stevenson (Democrat) was adversary in campaign
  • Landslide victory
  • People voted for him because he supported going to war in Korea and appealed to the 15 million black; also war hero
  • Got over 442 electoral votes


  • Faced Stevenson again
  • Landslide victory again, even larger than last for electoral
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The Cold War

The Cold War

  • Non violent war between the US and USSR to be the world power
  • Occurred in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Also was battle between Communism and Democracy


  • Vietnam War
  • Korean War
  • French was in Indochina: costed the U.S $1 Billion/ year. U.S. covered 80% of those costs
  • 1956 Hungarian independence; massive bloodshed so 30K refugees to U.S.
  • Suez Conflict
  • Eisenhower Doctrine 1957
  • Space Race

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Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy

  • McCarthyism
  • anti-communist
  • One of leaders during Red Scare trying to weed out communism

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  • Brown versus Board of Education (1954) in Topeka, Kansas: overturned Plessy versus Ferguson
  • It dealt with separate but equal facilities
  • September 1957 had to send troops to Little Rock Arkansas (Central HS) (Little Rock Crisis) because governor Orval Faubus was trying to stop 9 blacks from entering a non segregated school
  • Sit in (February 1, 1960)
  • Other news:Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955
  • Civil Rights Act of
  • Black organization for civil rights were Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
  • Jackie Robinson (1st black male) to be signed in MLB
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was key leader in movement

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Republicanism policies

  • Anti-socialist
  • "Dealing with people, be liberal and human; Economy or people's money, be conservative
  • 10% on defense
  • Gave offshore oil drills to state power, not federal government
  • Deported 1 Million Mexicans in 1954
  • Wanted to revert back to Dawes Act and take away native american tribe's legal standing as a group; dropped idea by 1961
  • Interstate Highway Act of 1956
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  • France and Indochina
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Unpopular War
  • 17th parallel divider
  • 1954 U.S. paid for 80% of the war ($1 Billion/year)
  • Bloody and violent
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Space Race

  • US versus USSR to have top space programs
  • October 4, 1957 USSR satellite Sputnik was launched
  • Blow to US confidence
  • Eisenhower made NASA in response
  • Able to launch own satellite (size of Grapefruit)
  • NDEA (National Defense Education Act) gave $887 million for college students
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