Year 3 Newsletter

Weekly information from D3CP & D3MA

This week the children in Year 3 have been excited about writing to their Californian penfriends for the very first time! On Tuesday Mr Pilling received an email from their teacher with a list of their Grade 2 children's names (Grade 2 in the USA is the same age range as Year 3). They have looked at the format of a letter, how to introduce themselves and thought about some interesting questions they can ask. As well as writing their letters the children in both classes have used the iPads to write an eBook about the Netherlands to send to their new friends across the Atlantic!

Next week the children in Year 3 will be learning about:

  • Where boundaries in sentences occur;
  • How to correctly punctuate sentences;
  • Using descriptive language to make their writing sound more interesting;
  • How to organise writing into paragraphs;
  • Knowing what each digit represents in a 3-digit number (including 0 as a placeholder);
  • Word problems involving time;
  • The topography of California.

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Echo Horizon School in Los Angeles - the home of our new penfriends!