Kodak Black

"i dont talk to you, so dont you talk to me"


my country is capitalism,Everyone should move to Kodak Black country because we live the trill life everyday,and we dont let other countries mess or get in our business(free country),we also have the best practice lesson to make you the next ronaldinho or neymar you choose it dont matter how bad you play we will make you good.IF you have a good business come make it great at Kodak Black

The facts

The way my economic system works is anyone can come make their business here at Kodak Black but you have to earn ur money on ur on by putting work into ur job,Kodak Black is ruled by Lil Trill(me).The way you will get the things you want is earning ur own money.
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"its just me,myself and I till i die"


The bad that my economic system can have,would be that we let people in so easily so they can be successful that someone might come in to Kodak Black and try to make some bad decision,so i think criticisms would be bad security,and to much freedom.we dont have many camera.


Everyone should come to Kodak black because its as LIT as going to the club and having every girl dancing on you