Speech and Debate

Preparation for the 10/30 Debate

Speech and Debate Friends!

Remember to email me by October 23rd (preferably earlier) if you want to sign up for the Speech and Debate Tournament on October 30th.

It will take place after school and will go as long as it takes for everyone to have a turn. If you have previous time commitments, let me know if you need to go earlier or later and I will try to honor your request.

In the email, include:

Your Name

Type of Event: Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Middle School

Individual or Team

Any requests for timing or teaming...

See the October 10th Academic Support Enrichment Update for further details.

I will make a schedule as soon as I have all the RSVPs.

Below...some fallacies we played with at Academic Support!

Big image


False Authority

False Cause (Post Hoc)

Bandwagon (Ad Populum)

False Dilemma/ False Dichotomy

Slippery Slope