News from CCSD15

August 28, 2020

D15 Virtual Learning Introduction

Virtual Learning Attendance

Attendance requirements during distance learning are similar to the requirements of a regular in-person school day. Students must be present at the scheduled start of live teaching lessons to be counted as present for the day.

If your child will be absent, please call your school’s absence line to report your child absent. If notification is not provided to the main office and your child is marked absent, an automated attendance call and text will be generated.

Regular attendance is essential and District 15 schools are required to follow their attendance and truancy procedures. If your child is unable to participate in live teaching due to technology problems, parents should contact the school’s attendance line so that your child’s absence can be marked as excused.

Virtual Classroom Parent Universities

During this virtual learning period, District 15 is providing Parent University tutorial libraries for parents to access resources, get support, and learn about some of the tools and ideas that we use in D15.

The Parent University information is available on demand on the D15 website. Please join us in learning together, and complete the feedback form at the end of each Parent University lesson to suggest additional topics or any area where you might need support!

GoGuardian Teacher

In order to help keep students safer online during virtual learning, District 15 has adopted GoGuardian Teacher - an instructional delivery, classroom management and community building tool. It helps keep students on task and helps teachers stay connected to students wherever they learn. We will be deploying GoGuardian Teacher in phases over the next three weeks. Please review this letter to learn more about this powerful learning engagement tool.

GoGuardian requires that students are logged into Chrome with their District 15 account in order to be accessible. If your student is not using a district-issued device, please be sure he or she logs into Chrome with District 15 login information to fully access instructional materials.

Socialization and Connection During Virtual Learning

To help support students’ social and emotional learning and well-being during this time, we have created websites for elementary and junior high school aged students as a resource for families. You will find activities, articles, and ideas on ways to support socialization, connection, and overall well-being. This includes fun daily activities that you can utilize with your child and family. The resources are aligned to the Social and Emotional Learning standards that the students are learning during school, and includes helpful information and tools for self awareness, self management and social relationships.