Leo Goodwin


Leo Goodwin became a millionaire by founding the Government Employee Insurance Company (GEICO),which is a private American auto insurance company that initially provided insurance for federal government employees and their families, and then later went on to provide auto insurance for the general public. He founded GEICO in 1936 during The Great Depression, a time of serious economic depression which makes this achievement very notable.

net worth

GEICO became publicly owned and today has assets of nearly $7.3 billion.


Leo Goodwin was a large donor to Nova Southeastern University and is considered one of the primary founders. The building that contains the university's law school, Shepard Broad Law Center, is housed in Leo Goodwin, Sr. Hall. In addition, one of the dorms is named the Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall. The Law Center is housed in the Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, which is named for a generous entrepreneur and visionary who was committed to the advancement of education and research.