The Alchemyst✨💀🔆💭

Magic? Impossible


Normal, practical,thrilless were the only words that came to mind when you learned of the lives of bookstore clerk Josh Newman and and coffee shop waitress Sofie Newman , until one day changed the lives of these ordinary twins forever. A casual day in Sunny San Francisco was taking place until Sofie watched 3 suspicious men walk into her brothers work place and was overwhelmed with worry. Little did either twin no that their lives would be forever altered after this day played out. Dr. John Dee stole the legendary codex from the book store and kidnapped the immortal Nicholas Flammel's wife Perenelle and nothing would be the same after that moment. Sofie and Josh are left stunned and shocked but to Nicholas's pleasure Josh ripped 2 pages off of the the codex . These 2 pages are the final summoning and now Dee can't unfold his sinister plan to rid the world of humani (humans) and bring back the Elder race. Sofie and Josh are the twins of the prophecy and are the deciding factors of if the world will be saved or wrapped in a blanket of pure chaos. The codex has been around for millennia and has the secrets of spells, knowledge, prophecy , races, and the secret to immortality and the fate of humanity....and to retrieve it is all resting on the shoulders of 2 twins who don't even no the concept of the word magic.

Michael Scott Quotes from the story💭💭

And once begun, change cannot be reversed.”
Michael Scott, The Alchemyst

“Once you have been touched by magic, you are forever changed. You leave a trail.”
Michael Scott, The Alchemyst

“But magic is really only the utilization of the entire spectrum of the senses.”
Michael Scott, The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst-The secrets of Nicholas Flamel Trailer
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Josh & Sofie 💀🔆💀🔆

This is Josh and Sofie. These twins are going to be the deciding factor between life or death of all humanity. In the codex these twins are " The two that are one , the one that is all." This means these 2 kids will have to overcome struggles and strive for greatness to save their loved ones. Their lives were forever altered the second they each took a job at the coffee and book shops. These twins are normal kids until Nicholas Flamel alters their lives forever. Josh has a rare pure golden aura and Sofie has a rare pure silver aura, which are the 2 rarest auras ( both mentioned in the codex).
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Nicholas Flamel

This is The immortal Nicholas Flamel. A man of secrets, knowledge, power, greatness, and a master of alchemy. This man took Sofie and Josh under his care and trains them to fulfill the prophecy ahead of them. Along with Scatty , an ancient warrior they are training these kids the ways of their new life. He has lost the Codex and must regain it or as time withers, so will his age and in a matter of time his immortality will cease and much will be lost... including his and his dear wifes lives. He has a tangy green aura that smells of mint.
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Scatty or Scathach is an ancient warrior, much older then Flamel who accompanies them on their travels and aids them in battle. Scatty teaches Josh and Sofie how to fight. Scatty is ancient warrior who has won many wars and battles and is a gruesome girl to mess with. Scatty has been in mythology that we are familiar with ( Greek ). Her fighting skills are better then anyones , then and now. Through out the story she saves Flamel, Sofie, and Josh multiple times and even fights of goddesses who are seen as amazingly powerful. Without her as an ally , Josh, Sofie, and Flamel could pretty much think of themselves already dead.
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Dr.John Dee👿

This is Dr. John Dee who is a master and yet sinister magician . He plays as the villian of the story and steals the codex from Flamel and wants to harness its power to bring back the Dark Elders who used to rule the Earth before the invention of iron that wiped out their race. Dee was Flamels apprentice before he basically joined the dark side and ever since became powerful in every field of magic and is on his quest to wipe out humani and bring back the era that used to be with the help of the codex.... that is missing 2 pages.
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Perenelle Flamel is Nicholas's wife who is a powerful sorceress and witch who has the power to take down Elder Goddesses. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is held prisoner ,but with such high caliber magic and power ,she still finds a way to get messages out to her loved ones to warn and protect them. She has the ability to see and interact with ghosts and multiple auras that cloak her. Perenelle is a remarkable being. Perenelle has a white aura, which is insanely powerful.