California gold rush


First gold found

"In 1848, James Martial was the first man to find gold in California."

James W Marshall basically started the Gold Rush.

Colorado during the Gold Rush

"As the Gold Rush hit Colorado, many new towns and businesses began to spring."

Businesses grew because of the gold being sold in the rush.

Here are some of the main contributors to the Gold Rush

"The Gold Rush was the largest mass migration in U.S. history."

Things you may not know about the Gold Rush.

  • The Gold Rush attracted immigrants from around the world.
  • The Gold Rush was a male-dominated event.
  • Early sections of San Francisco were built out of ships abandoned by prospectors.
  • Prospecting for gold was a very costly enterprise.

California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush was a huge migration period for the U.S., in which migrates from all over came to America in hope of success.