Tribal Tribune

January 8, 2016

Great Week Back!

Good Friday Afternoon,

I think we have had a great week back from our Holiday break. From what I can tell walking around from room to room you all have gotten right back into the grind. As most of you know by now the ISTEP results for the spring 2015 test have been released. Though the news surrounding the test is very discouraging there is some information we can use moving forward to help meet the needs of our students.

I also shared with all of you earlier this week the report done by 5 star technologies. I am going to supply you with the link below to view the report. I understand that a large part of this document will not mean a lot to you but what I want you to know is their survey done by an independent agency shows that we are doing some amazing things with technology. This again is a testament to your hard work and interest in doing what is absolutely best for your students. It has been a long road but I feel like you all are really finding a nitch for how to use technology in your classroom on a regular basis. Keep up the great work! (Click here for full report.)


P.S. There is a great article written by Union City graduate of 2015 Michaela Dean below. This article was published in the sports section of the early bird. :)