Flyer of US History from 1880-1920

Written by Ashley Benoit

Edison and the lightbulb

Edison made the first public demonstration on the light-bub on December 31, 1879 and his research began in 1878 and it was a huge economical advancement in America and people learned how this invention solved problems and improved on how things are done and is still being improved and is a proud moment in America when he invented this.
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The Telegraph was a start of a new economical revolution and it was also a proud moment in America in the 1837's. Samuel Morse invented this to male it easier for people to communicate better and even today is still being improved and now most of the people today have one in their house which is now called a computer.
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Alexander Bell invented the first telephone and also was a huge economical advancement for America and it's great to use and was a huge step forward into the future and was a good way to talk between people and to communicate better in a faster way. Still being improved today and mostly everyone has one
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Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion Act was a U.S. Federal law and was signed by president Chester A. Arthur in 1882. It was the first law that implemented to prevent a specific group from migrating to the U.S. Which meant that skilled and unskilled laborers weren't allowed to enter the country for 10 years which wasn't fair for that group at all because most of them were just trying to make money and help their family and this isn't a proud moment in America.
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Melting Pot

The Melting Pot was a mixture of people with different cultures and races who blended together. The bad thing about it was that was that they abandoned their native language and customs. Also kind of a good thing because then they would learn about America and how Americans live and our cultures and language which.
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Ellis Island

Ellis Island was where immigrants that sailed to the United States to have more job opportunities but first they had to come to Ellis island to get inspected and only 2% would make it through and some of the things that they didn't let some through was over small things which wasn't fair at all when they were just trying to find a job. This I felt like had to do with economical reasons because of how immigrants could get a job and make money and there will be less job and i don't think this is a proud moment in america because they just needed money to support themselves or even there family
TeacherTube - A Virtual Voyage to Ellis Island


Skyscrapers was a huge economical advancement because they were more higher than longer. They made these designed to build up instead of outward which saved a lot more room than expanding out. Which was really good for cities and is something that america should be proud of because it made us better with buildings and making them better and steel
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Mass culture

Mass culture usually meant everyone has it or was doing it and it was the "cool new thing" like fore example Coney island every went there. Which was good because it brought families together and not only that but it also made people want to improve things which I felt that it is something we should be proud of because it was a good thing for the future.
Luna Park, Coney Island, 1903

Louis Sullivan

Louis is the "father of skyscrapers". He was the architect that made the first modern skyscraper which was a huge economical improvement for cities, and still even today people are make skyscrapers more modern which was a great thing for everywhere because of how it saves room in cities. I am proud of what he did because he helped us to get where we are today on buildings and other things.

"Form ever follows Function"- Louis Henry Sullivan

Alice Paul

Alice Paul which was an American suffragist, feminist, and women's right activist, and made a campaign which is now the 19th amendment. She was doing this for political rights and equality so women could have the same voting rights as men. Which I am proud that she did this because she fought for what she believed in and started on the same treatment as what people give men.

"We women of America tell you that America is not a democracy. Twenty million women are denied the right to vote." - Alice Paul

Theodor Roosevelt

Theodor Roosevelt he was the youngest president who entered the office at 43. He fought the government for regulations of big businesses, and environmental conversion which was a good thing because it wasn't just only fair but it was good for us to preserve certain areas of forest for the animals that lived there. I am proud of him that he did all of this because he fought for what he believed in and got his way and was good that we do the same.

"Speak Softly and carry a big stick" - Theodor Roosevelt

19th Amendment

The 19th amendment was passed by congress on June 4th, 1919 and ratified on August 18th, 1920 and the amendment gave all American women the right to vote. The victory took decades of frustration and protest. Which I am proud of American for making this happening because we wouldn't be where we are today if that was never passed and it was a really great movement in having the same rights as men do with voting and was a big political advancement for America.
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Boxer Rebellion

In the 1900s a Chinese secret organization called the Boxer rebellion was and uprising in northern china against the spread of western and Japanese influence there which a thousand of Chinese people died due to fighting. American troops controlled the uprising which officially ended in 1901. I am not proud that a thousand people had to die and that America should have controlled it sooner but I am still proud that we even controlled it in the first place.
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Dollar Diplomacy

It was a government policy of promoting the business interests of its citizens in other countries and it was for economical reasons, and it not only allowed the U.S. to gain financially from other countries but deterred other foreign countries from receiving ant money gains. Which I am both a shamed of and proud of because one we took other countries money while they weren't receiving any at all but then again we were still getting the money but taking there money wasn't fair for them.
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Phillippine Insurretion

the Philippine struggled for independence which began in 1896 with the Philippine revolution fighting started when they believed that the U.S. promised them independence but then later realized the treaty and they fought for their freedom and got their independence in 1898. It had to do with political reasons and them wanting to have their own freedom. This wasn't a proud moment in America because we kept them for freedom for many years and I felt like it wasn't fair for them.
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Modern Warfare

Modern warfare was a huge economical advancement for war weapons and gave is a lot new things that has improved in was and also helped. which I think is something to be proud of because we have advanced on some many weapons that we can use in war and its great for America.
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USS Main

The USS Main was the sinking of a ship that had more than 100 American people on and it was blamed on Germany for doing this. This was also one of the 'Main" reasons to why we entered the war. This had to do with more culture because of how Germany thought we were going to enter the war and they were nerves about that so they did all types of things to us to prevent us from going into the war which made us want to go into war more. I am proud that we did enter the war not because of a lot of people dying but that we put our foot down.
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Treaty of Versailles

This treaty was the treaty that ended the war between Germany and the allied powers. It was signed on June 28th 1919 and it had to do with political reasons. I was proud of this happening because it ended the war, and reassigned German boundaries.
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