Uncle Tom's Cabin

Anjani Moola, Taylor Lacey, KAtherine Mei


In Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe conveys the disparity between black and white communities in the 1850's by showing the atrocities of slavery and the effects on the characters in her book.

Katherine Mei's Reflection

A) In addition to the analyses of the pictures above, some harsh actions were not portrayed through the pictures themselves. Some subtle ideas conveyed visually were the whippings of the slaves and how white communities thought their presence was a disruption to society. Though in reality, conditions were definitely more extreme to the point where paintings and pictures cannot portray the fear of humanity the slaves had.

B) I was mostly surprised at the fact that some pictures showed the black and white communities getting along rather than them being in conflict. For example, in many different versions of the same painting, there was a young woman engaged in speech with Uncle Tom, so it kind of confused me as to why they were interacting with each other in the first place.

Taylor Lacey's Reflection

A) The images have underlying themes of slavery disrupting the black community physically, but also psychologically and socially. The practice of slavery split up families, caused the slaves to live in constant fear of their owners and suffer harsh punishment for trying to stand up for their dignity as human beings.

B) I was surprised at some of the images that showed Uncle Tom interacting with the young, white girl. They seemed to have an amicable relationship, which I didn't know happened in with the slavery in the 1850s.

Anjani moola's Reflection

A) Through the different images, there was a subtle theme of how cruel the slaves were treated, and how the society completely degraded their view of the slaves as human beings.

B) The most surprising element that was observed was that there were some close relations between the white people and the slaves, and how the relationship between the property owner and the slave was not always cruel.