Queen Commonwealth

The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia. She is head of state of Australia. Australians do not vote for who becomes Queen because the King or Queen gets that position from the King or Queen before them.

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Australia is divided up into areas called electorates. For each electorate there is one seat in the house of representative. The people who live in the area vote for a representative to speak at parliament for them. People who stand for the election make groups. The group that has the most people forms the government. There is a big room in parliament house where the house of representatives meet. The room is green and the seats are formed like a horse shoe. The people of the Government sit on the left, and the opposition face them. There are seats on the top where people can watch the senators in action.

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Making laws

The main subject in parliament is creating laws. When someone suggests a law bill. In the house of representatives bills are usually suggested. First someone says what the bill is then the members of parliament discuss it. Then when the members have discussed the bill they vote for the bill of against the bill. If more people vote for the bill it goes to another house of parliament and the same thing happens. When the bill is done the Governor-General sighs it to become an Australian law.

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The other house of parliament is called the senate. The people of each state elect 12 people as their senators to represent them. Like the other house or chamber the Government sit on the left and the opposition sit opposite them. The seats that are curved are for small parties.

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Before 1901 Australia was not a nation. At that time British people were self govern. Each colony had its own Government and laws and taxes. This causes a lot of problems and people begin thinking about uniting as one nation.

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