Chapter 19: The Civil War

By: Kenzie Graham and Andrew Cramer

The Civil War

The people in the Civil War had to fight through many harsh, bloody battles. It also killed lots of Americans. One of the most important battles was fought in the small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This war was fought by the North (The Union) and the South. (The Confederacy)


Union- North
Confederate- South
Gettysburg- A place in Pennsylvania where the Union and Confederate fought
Home front- A house away from a battleground

The Union and Confederate Armies

Slaves had to be drafted from losing so many soldiers in the war. Often they tried to escape but if they were caught they would either be killed or sent back to slavery. At the beginning of the war the soldiers also wore there own clothes it got so confusing that sides were killing there own people so they got uniforms. The Union wore mostly blue and the Confederate wore mostly gray.


Emancipation Proclamation- A law made so slaves were free
Draft- The selection of people to serve in an army whether they wish to or not

The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg was the first battles that the North won. It was one of the most important wars in the Civil War. Once North invaded, South never invaded the North again.

Military Tactics and Technology

Technology helped for different things like, communication, artillery, and guns. The South was the first to use a telegraph. The North and the South both got new weapons such as, rifles and cannons.

Combat Conditions

Combat normally started with shelling. Shelling is also known as bombing. Bullets tore into to attackers ripping off arms. legs, and heads. If attackers ran out of bullets, they would fight with stones, fists, and even fence posts. When battles were over, there was over 1000 soldiers dead on the battlefield.

Medical Care

Doctors had little knowledge and equipment which meant there operations didn't always turn out well. They usually cut off any limb that was shot. Soldiers almost always died from infection or from bleeding to death.


Surgeon: A doctor who does performs operations

Foods and Drinks

Soldiers often had little food and when they did, it was often stolen, or it had bugs in it such as worms and weevils. Most of their food was called hardtack. This was like a thick, unsalted, hard cracker. They boiled a drink called chicory, to make a coffee like drink.