Turned Away

By Carol Matas

Reader's Response #4

Turned Away Pages 89 -119 by: Carol Matas


Devorah has finally got a letter back from the Prime minister’s office it said “Your concerns are being looked at.” But what does that mean?”Pg.89. At that point Devorah gets a zing of hope that Sarah can be safe in Canada with her. Sandy Devorah’s friend came over to see Devorah and told Devorah everything she missed when she was sick; everything was school work she missed. But Sandy didn't seem like herself then it came out “finally she blurted out my brother got a white feather at university last week I was shocked.”Pg.92. In WWII a white feather was given to men, who didn't go to war it meant you were a coward. With all these terrible things happening Sarah has fell ill "I have a bad cough. We don’t eat too well these days and we often feel weak.” Pg.94. When Devorah gets back from her cold she decides to do something for her school she talks to her principal to ask if they could raise different flags for the flag ceremony every morning instead of the Union flag. They organized a ballot so each student could vote to give their opinion. " We won! By a landslide!" Pg.97.

Predictions/ Questions:

One question that goes through my head every time I read the book is is Sarah going to survive, because every once and a while Devorah gets a letter from Sarah telling her things that are happening in Paris like the Jewish people are ordered to hand in their radios, disconnect their phones, and they are not aloud to leave their houses from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. A prediction I have is that Sarah's bad cough will turn into something worse because the Jewish people are only aloud to shop at certain shops at certain times and don't have access to medicine.


In this section one of the connections I had was when Devorah asked her dad a big question as she calls it that she askes him everyday, I could relate to that because everyday I ask my dad a "big question". My other connection was when devorah went to her last dance class before recital, because I can realate to the teacher working you really hard so the dance is perfect.

"they have taken him she said to Drancy, arrested"

Main Characters

My Reveiw

'I would give this book 4 stars out of 5 because in between major plot events nothing happens, the author doesn't build on the events its just everyday things that are not that interesting. So when you get to the other part of the event that is 10 to 20 pages away, you forget about it and think how did I get here. But in other books like Bridge to Terabithia there was the event and right on the next page the author builds on it to keep your interest. But the rest of the book was really good it was very easy to realate with the characters, the whole book you felt like you we're the main character.