Freja Carlson

Job Description

They study and diagnose problems and emotional or mental disorders. Some are in the field of counseling but about half are in other areas of psychologist.

Types of Psycologists

Development: study different stages in peoples lives. They also study why peoples behavior changes with age.

Counseling: people who are in counseling may not all be mentally ill but need help dealing with problems.

Social: study how people interact with each other and their environments.

Experimental: conduct experiments with animals and people to help understand different aspects of behavior

Consumer: works with companies to help determine which products will be attractive to consumers

Organizational: relationship between people and their work, job satisfication and motivation, training and productivity


People going into psychology will definitely need a bachelor's degree and a graduates degree. Getting into graduate school can be very competitive and most universities will look for people who can function well without supervision and look favorably on those who have done independent research. Depending on the state, there are different requirements for seeing clients. You will have to be licensed and may have to take an exam and internships.

Money/ Employment

Average annual: $70,190

Employment outlook: stable.


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