Sam Houstin


who is he

Sam Houstin was one of the most interesting people in texas history. He fought for texas indepindence from mexico and served as presadent of texas when it was an indepindent country. Houstin was a united states represinetive,a united states senater,and the govener of two states.

little Houstin

Houstin was born on march,2,1793,in a teenager,the Cherokee indians in Tenessee, the tribe odopted him and gave him the name colonneh,or the raven.

he won

He led his troops in many battles against the mexacins it was at the battle of San Jacino that he won his gretest victory.Although the mexacin army was twice as large, the texans won the battle.the mexacin generals surenderd.

from;multimedia biographes harcourt