Borders and Powers

By Jared tejeda

Borders and powers brief explanation

The idea of borders and powers is that if you have more land then your more powerful. The more land you have the bigger you are and the bigger you are well the stronger you are. All this resembles in the way of country's. Country's want to have the most land because they want to be the best. It's difficult to keep things peaceful where there's a border because sooner or later one side will try to take the other side of the border. It's a matter of ruling.
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Balance of power

The balance of power is like checks and balances. There is a certain point where no country needs to be bigger or better than the other. There needs to be a system of somewhat fairness

Ukraine crisis

The Ukraine crisis involves the tensions between the soviets(Russia) and the E.U(europeon union).

Israel Palestinian conflict

This involves the war between Israel and the areas around it. The fight for more land and the holy land