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Turkey Day!

Growing up we learned that thanksgiving was about giving thanks to what we are thankful for at the time. We learned that in 1621 thanksgiving was started by the pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth Rock and that Squanto was a helpful crop grower for the Native Americans. In reality the Europeans were known for the spread of disease and the killing of the Indians. The Pilgrims and the Indians were known to have a big feast that became known as thanksgiving. There they ate what is known as the traditional thanksgiving feast. This is what you learn when your eight and nine but the background is more intense than anyone would’ve thought at that age.
Squanto was actually a slave for the English people. He was kidnapped and taken to England where he was forced to learn English and be a translator for the people. One day the English were shooting guns in the woods and the Indians feared that they were under attack so they gathered some hundreds of their people and went out to attack and protect their territory. Once they saw that the Indians were in attack mode they invited them to the feast to resolve conflict. At the first thanksgiving feast there weren’t the things we enjoy at thanks giving feast today. There were things like fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Today we have many traditions on the holidays, the most common one involve trimming the turkey, traveling to see other family members or the holidays, watching the big football game with all the fellas, betting on who will win, giving back to the unfortunate in a way to show what one is thankful for and finally the BIG FEAST where everyone comes prays over the food and digs in at the table or in a big family they dig in around the house.

Although there are so many common traditions that people do during the holiday but there are some unusual ones out there such as takeout, research shows that's some people actually order food or catering to keep from cooking a big holiday meal. A lot of people watch their figure which is unusual because thanksgiving is a time to grub and get full and fat! Lastly food people do everything from deep fry turkey to put pineapples into candy yams.
As you see everyone has a different way of celebrating and traditions are always modified throughout the years to fit the lifestyles and comfort of others. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY WHETHER YOUR WERID OR TRADITIONAL!

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The Marching Band

On Sunday November 2nd, the T. Wingate Andrews marching band took home multiple victories in the state competition this year. The competition took place in Durham, North Carolina at the Durham Memorial Stadium Every 2A marching band in North Carolina was present to compete for the title of best 2A band in the state. Despite the presence of competition, Andrews’ marching band enjoyed a lot of success.

Bianca Crawford, band member and senior at T. Wingate Andrews High School said that she was very excited during the competition and very surprised when they kept winning. Crawford stated, “it was a new experience because we never go to any competitions since 2011.” Quienesha Twyman, also a student and band member said, “I already knew we was gonna win. We listened to the advice people at states gave us so we can improve.” The rest of the band members say that they take it seriously while having fun and winning trophies all at the same time.

To prepare for big competitions like the ones they attended in Durham and Charlotte the marching band practices every day after school. After their big win at the state competition, the Red Raider Marching Band is heading to the national competition where they hope to be as successful as they were in the state competition.

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Avid Doors

It’s that time of year again. Seniors are applying to college and juniors are getting ready to apply. To create awareness for the available schools and their requirements, the teachers of T. Wingate Andrews High School were asked to decorate their classroom doors with an assigned college.

The teachers were required to include the University’s mascot, school colors, GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, majors, athletic teams offered at the school, and the school’s specialties. Judging the competition were the administrators of Andrews High School. They walked around checking each door before picking the winners.

The winners were announced on November 3rd at a staff meeting. Coming in third place was Mr. Joyner who decorate his door with pictures and information about UNC Chapel Hill along with a three dimensional model of the Old Well. In second place was Mr. Ben Robinson who had the school Virginia Tech and decorated the door with its colors and relevant information. First place went to Ms. Aguilera who had the big Clemson tiger on her door. Ms. Aguilera was awarded gift cards and extra time at the copy machine. If you are unsure about which college to apply to or if you would just like to see all the decorated doors all you have to do is take a trip down the hallways of T. Wingate Andrews.

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