Jewish People Sent to Camps

Many won't make it out alive

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Just recently Hitler and the Nazi started their plans against the Jewish people. Hitler sent them to concentration camps. In these camps many people would not make it out alive. Thousands of men, women, children, and elderly people will be sent there day by day. They will be taken from their friends, family, and home and will never get to see them again but they don't know that. Their lives were never the same again.
Once at the concentration camps men, women, and children were separated. They were sent to different parts of the camp. If the Nazi did not think the would be helpful they would send them to take a shower. Their last shower. It was not a shower at all but a gas chamber with highly poisonous gas. If you did not take a shower you were sent to work. Thousand of people died from the dangerous types of work that they did. Many people had to work at crematoriums and burn the dead or alive bodies. People also died of major hunger. All they got to eat was very small rations of soup or bread.
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All of this and much more happened in Germany. It started in the time of January 1933. Hitler choose to pick on and kill many of the Jewish people. He could have really choose any group as long as he found followers. The things he said and did gave the German people hope. So his horrible plans to kill all the Jewish people continued. some of the more famous camps were Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Monowitz. Almost 6 million Jewish people died at these camps. Hitler did all this because he wanted power. He wanted to show the German people that he could help them. All he wanted was power.