OLOL Box Tops Snowball Fight

It's all over!

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Thank You!

This phenomenal total is due to the hard work and persistence of so many families, the support of our amazing faculty and the enthusiasm of our staff and administration. Thank you all for pitching in.

Special thank you

  • Linda Bozza (mother of Taylor, 9th & Hannah 5A) for designing, making, assembling and delivering our awesome doors.
  • Kathleen de Manincor (mother of Emily, 6B & Nick, 4B) for the countless hours she spent counting.
  • Mrs Masser (mother of Angelica, 8th & everyone else in need of anything at OLOL) for troubleshooting, assisting the H.S. in their first ever Snowball Fight, and sending out our correspondence.

If you have no idea what we are talking about here - use the link below to see what the OLOL Snowball Fight was all about.

...and the WINNERS are...

Our doors ranged from 0 snowballs to 220 snowballs. The level of strategic planning that went into this could earn some folks a scholarship to West Point! Great job everyone!

ELEMENTARY WINNER ---- Kindergarten (KA) Mrs. Bias

HIGH SCHOOL WINNER ---- Eighth Grade, Mr. Litchko

The winners will:

  • Be featured in an article about the OLOL Snowball Fight
  • Receive an ice cream treat at lunch
  • Earn a Dress Down Day


Two classes won, but there were lots of other winners, as well...

  • We had tons of entries for the iPad Raffle
  • Each student in a class that brought in at least $100 worth of box tops, will receive 5 entries for the iPad Raffle.
  • 6A received extra snowballs for bringing in the most box tops per student
  • We will all benefit from the $2000+ our Snowball Fight earned our school

More Box Tops Fun Coming Your Way

If you are looking for a way to reflect on the Easter Miracle with your family and you are willing to spend an hour or so traveling through the area, This is for you!

***** No Box Tops required *****

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The clue to the first location will be sent home with your child on Tuesday March 26, but the box will NOT be placed until Wednesday March 27.


Remember: all year long your submissions are being entered into a drawing for a free iPad.
  • 1 entry for a sheet of 10
  • 3 entries for a sheet of 25
  • 8 entries for a sheet of 50 (btw - 5 sheets of 10 do not count - this is meant to encourage easy submission for our box tops counters)
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