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Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

My Challenge to You

Take about 5 minutes to watch this awesome video about learning from failure from a 7 year old child. There is so much here that I am not sure where to begin. Creativity, Imagination, Grit, Determination, and a love for learning are all the different things that I see in this video. What about you... what did you learn from this video? How can we encourage our students to foster this love of learning?

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again!


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BYOD to the Library Tuesday Afternoon & Prepare to Sharpen Your Saw!

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Week at a Glance-- Dress Up Days Listed Below!

Monday: Possible Fire Drill; PRIDE Assembly 5th Grade-- Outside Weather Permitting

Tuesday: Possible Fire Drill; 6th Grade 504 Meetings; PRIDE Assembly 6th Grade-- Outside; Faculty Meeting 4:15 Library

Wednesday: Possible Fire Drill; Regular Day

Thursday: 6th & 5th 504 Meetings

Friday: Happy Friday; Oakwood Relay for Life in All PE Classes

**District Wide Food Bank Competition-- Minecraft!

Dress Up Days

Monday – Help Steve Fight Hunger – Minecraft T Shirts/Steve Look A like

Tuesday- Team Up with Steve to Fight Hunger – Wear Team Colors

  • Cougars – Blue
  • Leopards- Red
  • Jaguars-Purple
  • Bears – Maroon
  • Pumas – Black
  • Lions - Green
  • Cheetahs - White

Wednesday – Steve Hunts for Food – Camo Day!

Thursday- Steve is Crazy About Ending Hunger – Mismatched Day

Friday – Steve Needs A Vacation – Hawaiian Day/Hats and Sunglasses

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