Be responsible on cellphones!

Read this and remember to be safe on cellphones!

Why you should be responsible on cellphones

Being responsible on cellphones is important because if you don't you could be dead in the next 5 days because of the fact that someone can easily hack your phone and got your location. That's only one scenario and it isn't very rare. Now you wan't to be responsible and safe with that phone don't ya? Well stick around!
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Responsibility with cellphones and devices.

Imagine if the phone above was yours. Imagine if all of your information and deepest darkest secrets were on that phone. Imagine if you were too lazy to protect it with a strong pass code. Imagine if it was stolen. Imagine if you were all over Face Book and everything you thought was safe was now available for everyone to see. Imagine if they all saw those pictures and those secrets and laughed and laughed. You would have no friends. No dignity. Nothing. We can prevent this altogether and make it not happen.

Do not text while driving!

Texting while driving is dangerous. If you do it you are 23 times more likely to be in a crash
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Do this if you are in that kind of situation

If someone sends you a text or phone call A use Bluetooth or B wait until you reach the destination and then call back. This saves you from a crash and will keep you alive. Or not disabled. If you do pick up the phone and text/call back than this will probably happen to you.
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Keep your phone safe from being stolen

If someone reaches out to grab your phone A keep it password locked and B pull it far away from the grabbers hand as fast as possible. Have your phone makers have a way to track your phone for example Find My Iphone and keep it hidden in pockets and other places no one looks at.
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These are two of the many ways to stay safe from the dangers of the internet. These are only two keep in mind. So stay safe out in that world of phones devices and technology!