My Hispanic Christmas

Christmas is Near

Getting Ready

Every year, we have to decide where to celebrate Christmas. This year we're still planning. This year, my older sister will be coming to my house, we were expecting my older brother to come but he has other plans. My dad, sister, and I already put up my Christmas tree and have presents. Like every year, we are planning to have a big feast and after that go to other relatives house, my family is very important to me they are always there to cheer me up. Last year me and my sister got to put up all the decorations on the tree.


My mom, might be making tamales. My aunt, might bring tostadas, tortillas, and maybe even Posole. Every year, I always try to be close by the kitchen or else it'll be gone when I go look for food. I think that tamales are really yummy and most of the time really healthy. My community is like no other community, it has lots of ups and downs, but like my grandma always told me, their is always a way to be better and never give up.