Don't drink when you're underage!

"Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems."

-Matt Groening

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a color less liquid. It is used in beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

Grapes, honey, berries and other fruits are fermented.

Fermentation is when yeast converts natural sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The amount of alcohol in a drink depends on many factors:

  1. The amount yeast used
  2. amount and type of sugar used
  3. the temperature during fermentation.

("Gottfried, 2005 p.13/14)

Street names for Alcohol:

  1. Booze
  2. Brew
  3. Cold One
  4. Draft

(Brande, 2016)

Short term and Long term effects.

Some of the effects of consuming alcohol are brain damage, diabetes, heart problems, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, strokes, seizures, gain weight, bad breath, feel sick, skin break out, high blood pressure and many more.

Hepatitis: liver inflammation

Stroke: Lose blood supply to parts of the brain and it is caused by a blocked artery in your brain

High blood pressure: Pressure in the blood stream which is maintained by your heart.

(Lessa&Gilbert, 2009 p.)

  • Harming of an unborn baby, if you drink while pregnant
  • Increase risk of cancer

(Brande, 2016)

The Dangers of Underage Drinking : My Instead Movie
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Alcohol usage for teens

Underage drinking is a huge problem in this generation. In 2005 there was a survey taken in american on teens and their use of alcohol at some point.

  • 40% of eighth graders
  • 67% of tenth graders
  • 75% of twelfth graders

Young drinkers usually end up in violent crimes, car accidents, and also have depression/anxiety.

At first it was male teens who were drinking but now females are drinking just as much.


You can treat your alcoholic addiction by joining self help groups, mental health care center, rehabilitation center, a hospital, private doctor's office, prison or jail, emergency room. ((Lessa&Gilbert, 2009)

a treatment for addiction to alcohol is Disulfiram Drug

  • this drug helps you stay sober
  • it creates a sensitivity to alcohol
  • gives you throbbing headaches, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, etc. if you do have a drink

Peel Addiction Assessment & Referral Centre

5170 Dixie Rd

(905) 629-1007

Mississauga Addiction Clinic

3047 Hurontario St

(905) 279-4848

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Signs of addiction

Signs of addiction

  • When you depend on alcohol at any time of the day
  • Drinking in the morning time
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shivering, loss of taste
  • Can't control how much you drink
  • digestive problems

("Teen Health and Wellness",2013)

  • Lower school grades
  • Drinking at inappropriate times
  • Extreme mood swings all the time
  • Coughing
  • Eye and Nose irritation
  • gain of weight

(Lessa and Gilbert, p.29)

Legal status

Most drugs are not legal.

You need to be prescribed by a doctor to buy.

Alcohol is legal to buy if you are 18 and over depending on the province you live in.

("Teen Health and Wellness", 2016)