ACT Testing Strategies

Get Better Everytime!

General Stategies


Elimination is also another very helpful strategy for the ACT. Elimination is where you read all the answers and the ones you know are not the answers than you cross them out.

Guessing Strategy

Guessing Strategy is strategy is only a back up method. The way you use this strategy is when you just choose the same answer for every question you don't have time for. So it is for when you don't have enough time to finish the test and need to feel in the same answer for every question.

Math Strategies

Attacking word problems with confidence:
1. Read the word problem once, without solving
2. Re-read the problem, breaking it into smaller parts chunks
3.Translate each chunk
4. Solve the problem
5. Re-read the last sentence of the work problem to confirm you are finished

Science Strategies

Data Representation
  • Use table tags to title graphs, charts, and figures.
  • Draw arrows directly charts or graphs to help you distinguish direct and indirect relationships
  • the text in these passages supplies the context for data comprehension

English Strategies

  1. Place yourslef, set a speed limit and keep going.
  2. if you don't know the answer, answer the shortest answer
  3. before you start working on the questions you should take a few seconds and look through the passage.

Reading Strategies

When you are doing the reading part of the ACT I would recommend to do annotating for the first thing.
Also read the whole passage than answer the questions.