The Calling Whale

Natalie Shulstad

Hidden Bookstore of Paradise

In the last week of March on a warm, sunny day Mrs. Shulstad and Natalie biked around Sanibel Island in Florida. They came across a small yellow building, tucked behind Palm trees with only one car in the lot. "Let's stop here, we didn't see it while driving in the car" Mrs. Shulstad said, which Natalie agreed to. It was a book store packed from floor to ceiling with books, records and movies. There was a grand piano stuffed between the walls, with two feet of books on top. Since both of them love stories, they stayed and shopped for half an hour, digging though the piles of books to find which interested them. Only stopping to push though the moving book case similar to the ones that are in haunted houses. When they were leaving, they left with only two books "I'll mature when I'm dead" and "City of Ashes", since didn't bring enough money to buy more. Once they walked out, Natalie said "We have to make sure we bring more than $15 next time." Then they both got on their bikes and biked off main sheet and out of the small town toward their hotel.

Wizard Down

On March 26th at the Universal Harry Potter world in Florida, Julie, a middle aged lady was startled when an older man grew unconscious, falling backwards and hitting his head on the cobblestone pathway. She sat there for a moment, completely still shocked and waiting to see if anyone else noticed, but the waves of people kept moving without even a glance downwards to the greying haired man with glazed eyes lying on the ground. With a sudden realization, Julie frantically looked for ice, paper towels, and a worker for medical attention. When she arrived back at the scene a younger, yet similar looking man was holding the older mans head off the ground, and out of the puddle of deep red blood. Julie turned and asked the worker "Don't you have a medical person on staff?" but the worker seemed as frazzled as everyone else. By now a crowd was gathering, luckily in it there was nurse who started to check his pulse. Julie left the scene feeling grief for the family and sickness due to seeing the large amount of blood.

Mexican Cowboy

The lighting dimmed of the dinner room in Mexico, the crowd was hushed and the show began. A Mexican cowboy slowly walked out onto the stage, and confidentiality got into position. With snakeskin boots and a cowskin vest, the cowboy looked like all the rest. For many peoples entertainment, he has master the art of lassoing, hopping and jumping though the circle, "I wish I could learn how to do that!" Ms. Wood jealousy states. To the beat of classical country that was blaring over the speakers, he leaped through the air like a gazelle and twirled the rope ecstatically over his head, the audience was clearly impressed. Another spectator said "I've seen them light the rope on fire and then jump though" but he was still surprised at the speed that the cowboy was spinning the rope. Near he end of his performance, he sped up the twirling rope and the crowd cheered along, giving him a loud, hearty applause while he bowed and walked off the stage.