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Spain's form of government is a parliamentary monarchy. This means that a parliament makes political choices, while the king and queen are more for cerimonial purposes. The current King and Queen of Spain are King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. Spain joined the EU January 1st, 1986, thereforth it wasn't a founder. Spain is a major provider of coffee, cars, and tobacco.

Spain and Other Countries

Spain was a part of the Roman Empire. Rome built up Spain to the country we know and love. The Roman Empire had roads through Spain that were major roads into the 1900s. Rome controlled Spain's export of olives, wheat, and wine. After the Roman Empire spain was never fulky part, of another country but had areas of Spain colonized by other countries.
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Madrid is the capital of Spain located in central Spain. Madrid has a population of about 3.3 million people. Madrid was founded in the 9th century CE and is Spain's largest city.


Barcelona is a great tourist attraction. With great sports, culture, and architecture Barcelona is a city to be remembered. Crystal blue waters line Barcelona's beautiful sandy beaches, attracting tourists from around the world.


León is the capital of the province León. Located in the northwest side of Spain, León has a population of 131,680.


Seville is located in southwest Spain. Seville is also the capital of the province Seville, with a population of 703,021.


Valladolia is located in northwestern Spain and is rhe capital of the Castille region. Valladolia has a population of 309,714 making it the largest city in northwest Spain.

Fun Facts

  1. Spain has a toothmouse instead of a tooth fairy named Ratocito Perez.
  2. Spain comes from the word Ispanid meaning "land of the rabbits.
  3. Spaniards invented the mop.


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