Rhode Island is one of the first 13 colonies. Rhode Island is in the middle atlantic part of the country. New York, Massachusetts, and Conneticut surround Rhode Island. I went there for a cheer competition and it took us 6 hours by car to get there from Pennsylvania.


In 1529 Roger Williams found Rhode Island. In 1639 roger Williams established te first babtist church in America.

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Now to some fun facts

These are natural resoures

They would farm apples, onions, and dairy produts. Two of the states minerals were Sandstone, and Bowenite. Bowenite to the left! :]

Interesting Facts

Rhode Island has a really big city called Providence. Providence is where my cheer competition was at! Rhode island is a really BIG tourist attraction.

The amazing capital

The capital of Rhode Island is Providance. Providance is a BIG city. It has so many resturants and cool stores. There's a whole bunch of hotels, some with pools and some with restraraunts.
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