Kohler Cougar News

November 16, 2015 Edition

ELA Objectives

Over the past couple weeks, we have really been applying our close reading strategy to annotate information about a colony in order to present a persuasive presentation. The goal of our presentation is to persuade family at home in England to come to our colony to help it thrive. It has been a project that has combined both our reading and writing objectives well. In writing, we learned various persuasive strategies as well as script writing, which we are incorporating into our presentations.

The next few weeks of the unit will focus on identifying the causes the led up to the Revolutionary War. We will analyze primary sources to understand how perspective affects how events are told. We will also continue with close reading to research a historical figure during the Revolutionary War. Our Writing objective will be to write an opinion essay supporting that the historical figure researched was either a hero or not a hero of the Revolutionary War.

Math Ojbective

We will be testing on Topic 5 tomorrow. This morning, we reviewed by going over the test in the textbook. We did our work in our Math notebook. I have assigned a practice test online through Pearson Realize. The students have different options to use as a study guide for their test tomorrow. Your child can either rework the problems from our review today, complete the online practice test, or complete both the review from today and the online test. If your child chooses to rework the problems from today, he or she must staple their work to the back of the study guide that was sent home today (the answers were given on the study guide) and have a parent signature in the top right hand corner indicating that a responsible adult at home helped review the problems together.

We will begin Topic 6 on Wednesday after going over the Topic 5 test. Topic 6 is learning how to multiply decimals.

*Below is a link to our Math program. Here you and your child can access the text book electronically as well as download practice pages or homework. The students can also play games at a 5th grade level or below to practice basic skills.

Your child's username is their full name followed by the last 3 digits of their lunch number (no spaces) and their password is FHSD followed by their full lunch number (no spaces).

Home Connection

Please help practice basic multiplication facts with your child. This will help continue to support their work with division and continue to build a foundation for Topic 6, multiplying decimals. You can create flashcards with your child to practice a few every night or below one of many resources available to help practice basic facts.


We will be testing over Weeks 13 and 14 over this week and the week after Thanksgiving.

Week 13: Suffixes -ation, -ition

Week 14: Latin Suffix -ary (meaning: place for collection, state of, or one who)

*Below is a link to Spelling City. Here your child can print copies of a list if it happens to get lost and use games and quizzes to practice their words for the week. You can also preview the list for the upcoming week. Spelling City will also say the words as well, if your child needs guidance pronouncing a word.

Veteran's Day

We enjoyed having my parents come and visit our classroom on Veteran's Day. My dad came to share his experiences about being in the Air Force. He also shared the types of activities and organizations he is a part of now to stay active in the military now that he has retired from the service.

Important Dates and Information

November 17: Topic 5 Math Test

November 17: Yearbook Club Meeting 4:15-5:15

November 18: Choir Concert 6:30pm

November 20: Week 13 Spelling Test

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break

December 1: Yearbook Club Meeting 4:15-5:15

December 2: PTO Papa Johns Pizza Night

December 3: PTO Family Bingo Night 7:00pm

December 4: Week 14 Spelling Test