Figure Skating

Ashlee FIgure Skating Coaching Center

What: Professional Coaching Center

Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When: 5 am - 9 pm weekends and week days


Our company offers prestigious coaching opportunities. Our coaches are Michelle Reiderer, Chris Conte, and many other globally known coaches. Our students will quickly progress from High Beginner to Senior. Coaching is a two way street so we communicate to the students and get involved with any problems they might have.
YUNA KIM 2010 Vancouver Olympic FS 'Piano Concerto in F'
U.S. Figure Skating Membership Signup

To be apart of our club, you must first become a member of US Figure Skating.

Our Rates

Our Coaching Rates:

Chris Conte: $35.00 per hour

Audrey Wineimman: $56.00 per hour

Michelle Riederer: $28.00 per hour

All others: $17.00 per hour.