Join us for an end of the year celebration + Food Challenge

You're Invited!

You are cordially invited to Trop-Luck our end of the year Tropical Potluck! There will be food, games, and fun! Please RSVP by Monday April 27, 2015 for the Trop-Luck event here.

If you would like to participate in the food challenge fill out the google form below. The food competition is for desserts or side dishes with PINEAPPLE as the main ingredient.


1. You may choose to make either a dessert or a side dish.

2. There must be pineapple in your dish

3.Please make enough to share with at least 20 people (sample sized portions)

4. Please fill out this google form by April 24, 2015 at 6PM

5. On the day of the event please provide a list of ingredients in your dish for food allergies/ dietary restrictions.

6. We are unable to provide accommodations for dishes that need to be re-heated. Come prepared at 12PM with your dish ready to be judged!

Guest Judges will critique your dishes:

1. Dishes will be separated into two categories: desserts and side dishes

2. Each dish will be rated on a scale of 1-5 for each category.: taste, uniqueness, and presentation.

3. After points are tallied there will be one winner for each category (dessert and side dish)

4. Each winner will receive AN AWESOME PRIZE

Good Luck!


Friday, May 1st, 12-3pm

Anthony Hall Patio