Vanessa Salgado Consumer Ed 7/8

Career Details

Being able to research, analyze, record, and interpret the past. Includes looking at government records, newspapers, photographs, interviews, films, and electronic media. May even require historical artifacts like diaries and letters. The amount of money received in Illinois is $14.90 per hour (median) and $31,000 annually.

Education Needed

Require graduate school. A person may need a master's degree or Ph. D., M.D, or J.D (law degree). Might need some on-the-job training.

Skills Required

Talking to others to be able to give them information effectively. Being able to read and understand documents. Be able to listen and give attention to what other people are saying and asking questions at appropriate times. Teaching others how to do things. Being able to learn new information given. Able to think using logic, and being able to identify strengths and weaknesses in solutions.

Job Outlook/ Growth

During 2008, the employment was 130. By 2018 it is expected to be 140. That is only a 13% change. This shows that right now there isn't many job openings for this career.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

Some related jobs are: Geographer, Political Scientist, Area Ethnic and cultural studies teacher, Geography teacher, Philosophy and Religion teacher, graduate teaching assistant, Archivist, Librarian, Broadcast news analyst, Reporter and Correspondent.

My Resources

  • Occupational Information Network (O*NET)